The Assist Portal

Helping you support others online

Our software, the Assist Portal allows businesses, public services and charities to create their own online support, learning or mentoring system based around how their customers, staff or volunteers want to communicate

  • Choose your communication routes

    Choose the communication options you want to offer from: webchat, private 1-2-1 discussion threads, adviser-led group discussions, information libraries, social media feeds, as well as integrating video meeting, phone and face-to-face appointment options. Offer purely remote support through the platform or build a blend of online, phone and face-to-face support.

  • Private or Public?

    Allow users to self-refer to support or mentoring programs (through web form sign up) or set-up users yourself to keep the portal private. This means the Assist Portal has almost limitless applications for supporting different types of stakeholders groups. 

  • Simple system setup

    Use your branding and stay in complete control of your communication and content options. Different administration levels are available allowing your advisers to manage content or you can appoint a system administrator.  All administration of the Assist Portal is very simple to pick up and does not require prior web administration or development experience.

  • Suitable for different types of organisations & customers

    The Assist Portal is suitable for any business, charity or public service providing support or mentoring services to external or internal customers. It has a massive range of applications from volunteer support to learning  & development activities.

  • Keeps all communications in one place

    This is good for the user and for the adviser. The system also provides full reporting and management information. The Assist Portal is ideal for evidencing project outcome achievement.

  • Sensible pricing

    Our annual licensing agreements mean no expensive capital investment. It also means we pay to ensure it keeps pace with emerging technology.  Our payment options are fair and based on the number of customers using the service. We offer generous discounts for charities and public services.

  • Further development options available

    These include API integration with other software such as CRMs or digital communication systems.

  • Securely hosted in the UK

    If your service requires additional security levels we can provide bespoke hosting options.

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