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MassTech Use the Assist Portal to Support Global E-learning

10th March 2017

MassTech International has now gone live with a new Assist Portal set up to provide the structure to their e-learning platform for its global licensees.

MassTech is an environmental company, primarily working in the petro-chemical sector with customers like BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, Vodafone, Sainsburys, Asda and Boeing. MassTech's licensees test underground and above ground tanks and lines for fluid leakage and contamination.

As well as hosting a wealth of helpful information and online modules, the Assist Portal provides different routes for partners to contact MassTech

MassTech's Assist Portal includes features such as:

- Hosts bespoke e-learning courses built with Adobe Connect.
-The ability for users to seek opinion and advice from other learners through a group messaging system.
- A 1-2-1 private message system to receive support from MassTech.  The system also allows MassTech to produce a knowledge bank of requests.
- The ability to book appointments from MassTech via phone call, webchat or video meeting.
- A Facebook-style social feed for learners to share information.
- Full Management Information and records of all interactions.
- Access to a library of documents, audio clips, videos and web links.

MassTech's CEO, Professor Robert Bridges, commented: "The Assist Portal has provided MassTech with the structure to support the development of our global partners in ways that are convenient to them. With a global business that spans many time zones, communication, training and support has always provided a particular challenge. The portal has been extremely simple to set up and administer and we look forward to developing it further over coming months."

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